Our Restaurant

We proudly serve you our specialties, made with care, love and all our experience



  • Switzerland
  • Consomme with rice
  • Swiss barley-soup ( barley, bacon and vegetables )

International Dishes:

  • Rösti from Emmental (swiss hash browns from manioc with bacon, chees, fried egg)
  • Minestrone ( italian style, vegetable )
  • Alpmaccaroni (maccaroni, potatoes, cheese, fried onions)
  • Hungarian Gulasch soup ( beef, carots, peperoni, yucca, spicy )
  • Geschnetzeltes (chopped pork with cream sauce, mushrooms and rösti)
  • Filet Café de Paris (grilled tenderloin steak with garlic butter, supplement
  • “Entrecôte Madagascar” (grilled sirloin steak with green pepper sauce, supplement)
  • Spaghettería (Spaghetti or Penne rigate)
  • Napoli ( tomato – sauce )


  • Austria Green salad (lettuce) $ 3.50
  • Wienerschnitzel (breaded pork cutlet with supplement)
  • Mixed salad
  • Creamgulasch (pieces of stewed beef with brown sauce and rice or Knödel)
  • Heart of Palm salad
  • France Tuna salad (tuna, onions, mixed salads)
  • Swiss salad (sausage, cheese, onions,mayonaise, mixed salads)

Special dishes of Costa Rica:

  • Arroz “Tía Blanca” (rice with slices of chicken and ham)
  • Chicken Al pesto ( basil, garlic, olive oil, cheese )
  • Bolognese ( ground beef sauce )
  • Pollo a la plancha(fried chicken filet, supplement)
  • Carbonara ( bacon, egg, cream, garlic )
  • Pollo “Cahuita” (fried chicken filet with creamy coconut-and-rum sauce, rice)
  • De Diablo ( tomato sauce, bacon, garlic, lots of pepper – spicy! )
  • Pollo “Orotina” (fried chicken filet with creamy mango – and beer sauce, rice)
  • A la Finca ( tomato sauce, chicken, onions, costarican spice )
  • Vegetable
  • Pizzaiolo ( tomato sauce, mushrooms, ham, origano )
  • Plato “Pura Vida” (tropical vegetables, beans, rice and fried banana)
  • Gorgonzola ( creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce )
  • Miramontes ( ham, cheese, garlic, origano, mushrooms, cream )
  • Swiss Cheese Fondue
  • Sandwich
  • Riz Casimir (ring of rice with chicken and fruits on a curry-sauce)
  • Hamburger
  • Palatschinken (2 marmelade pies as dessert)
  • Hamburger with french fries


  • Original Vienna Applestrudel
  • Tiramisu
  • Flan of coconut
  • Plate of tropical fruits
  • Charming Cups
  • Cup “Naranja” (pieces of orange, vanilla-ice cream, honey)
  • Cup “Banana Split” (pieces of banana, vanilla-ice cream and chocolate cream)
  • Cup “Cafe RicaS” (liquor of coffee with chocolate and vanilla-ice cream)
  • Cup “Piña Colada” (pieces of pineapple, rum, vanilla ice coconut)
  • Prices including tax